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Ready to let ATR Printing handle your printing needs quickly and inexpensively? To upload your artwork, just just follow the guidelines below, fill out our short form and attach up to 5 files to upload to our website.

1. All your files should be compressed into one archive using Zip or StuffIt before uploading

  • All files go to the same directory on our web server, so its best if all your files are together in one archive. A single archive can contain all of the items for your job.

  • After being copied across the Internet to our web server, some Mac files lose their creator types, and Windows files sometimes get corrupted. StuffIt (SIT) and Zip (.ZIP) files seem to survive the transfer well, so that the files contained in them can be extracted without any problems.

  • Missing the software? PC Users can download PKZip or Winzip, while Mac users may want to try StuffIt

    2. Please convert all fonts / text to outlines or curves, save in .EPS format and include all your files (graphics, printer fonts and screen fonts) in the archive

    3. Use an appropriate format - We accept PC files in Corel Draw, Illustrator, Quark, Canvas and Photoshop formats, and Mac files in Quark and Illustrator formats. Powerpoint and Word are useful for giving us an idea of what you are looking for, but will need further work before we can use it for your order.

    4. Fill out form below with your contact information

    State      Zip code    

    Created With*What program did you use to create this artwork?

    File Format*

    DescriptionPlease describe the file you are sending us, and how we can use it to help you

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