Property Identification Labels and Asset Tags - Available in Annodized Aluminum, Polyester, Destructive Vinyl, Void Tamper Evident, Stock Property ID Labels
Anodized Aluminum Property ID Labels

Anodized Aluminum property ID labels are made from high quality aluminum with the colors and graphics permanently etched into the surface. Since the material is durable, it can be used indoors or out. If your labels are exposed to extreme environmental conditions (high temperature, direct sunlight, salt spray, cleaning solvents, abrasion), this is the material we recommend. It is made specifically for those conditions and will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life.

Numbering Options

Anodized Aluminum Property ID Labels are available with traditional or anodized serial numbers, bar codes, a blank serial pad, or no pad. The bar code information can be created using Code 39, Code 128 or in a custom code. With Anodized Aluminum Property ID Labels, we offer both traditional debossed or anodized serial numbers. Anodized serial numbers are etched into the surface of the aluminum along with the artwork, making them as durable as the label itself.

Color Options

As shown below, we have 12 standard colors to choose from for your text and logo, and some of them are more resistant to sunlight than others. All colors are available in a shiny or matte finish.

Adhesive Options

We make selecting the correct adhesive easy. When placing your order, let us know what surface you will be applying the labels to, and we will be happy to pick the right adhesive for your order.

Security Cut Options

Order Anodized Aluminum Property ID Labels with security cuts when maximum theft deterrence is necessary. The security cut option is available on all our popular sizes.

Annealed Aluminum for Irregular Surfaces

Annealed Aluminum ID labels are soft, allowing it to easily conform to almost any surface. This softness also makes the labels difficult to remove and re-use, providing some measure of security. To prevent re-use, security cuts can be added to any aluminum label rendering the label useless if removed.

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