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Custom Woven Labels

Unlike stock woven labels, the design that appears on a custom woven labels is only limited by your imagination. You have a wide range of colors, materials and styles to choose from. Below are some important things to know about the many choices you have.

If you decide that custom woven labels are a bit too complicated, why not take a look at our stock woven labels to see if we already carry a design similar to the one you were planning?

Step One: Choose a Design

If you can envision it, we can put it on a woven label. The more colors, though, the more expensive the product will be. We'd be happy to work with you on your project, so please request a free quote from us on the woven label of your dreams.

Step Two: Choose a Fabric

There are four basic fabrics you can choose from in woven labels:

Satin Broad Loom is the most popular choice of fabric. It is very soft, with your choice of ground colors and logo colors. This is the perfect choice for luxurious satin or tailored clothing. If your label will be resting against the skin, the softness of satin should be a first choice.

Standard Taffeta is the most cost-effective label. Not overly fancy, but they certainly get the job done. Taffeta is a bit more stiff than Satin and can stand up to a bit more snagging.

Semi-damask is a mid-line choice for woven labels, with many of the same qualities of Damask, but at a lower cost.

Damask labels feature a tighter weave that remains very soft even when finished. It is the top choice when quality is the highest consideration. If you are using your label on the outside of a garment or handbag, a damask weave is very durable and will show quality well.

Step Three: Choose a Finish

You can request your woven labels be made as iron-ons, sew-ons or with self-adhesive backings. You also have a choice of four finishes. Whatever choice you make with the finishing touches, be sure that you allow for seam allowance in the size that you order.

Fuse / Straight Cut
These labels have no thickness to them. Fuse cut or straight cut labels have no fold. Once the label is woven, it is cut by a hot knife thereby sealing the yarns and preventing fraying.
Center Fold
With this finish, labels are folded in half after they are made with the fold crease either horizontally below the logo (to be sewn across the top of the label in the neck of a sweater for example) or vertically up and down next to a logo (to be sewn into an exterior side seam on a garment). A center fold label can also be called a 'loop' label.
End Fold
End folded labels are folded so that the ends of the label are tucked under by 1/4 inch on each side. The folded style eliminates the issue of having a raw back showing and allows room for the label to be tacked on each end. The end fold label is typically sewn into the neck of high-end shirts or garments but it can also be found on various products such as handbags and watchbands.
Mitre Fold
Mitre fold labels have two 45-degree angles on the bottom corners of the label and the label hangs down in a way that some believe is more more elegant. Simple text on a narrow label looks best with this type of fold.

Step Four: Get a Free Quote

Ready to take the next step? You can contact us with general questions about your design, request a free quote on your design, or view some stock woven labels that we have available for quick delivery. Whatever your choice, ATR Printing is ready to assist you!

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