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Stickers (Pressure Sensitive Labels)

Technically, they are pressure sensitive labels, but we just like to call them stickers. Self-adhesive, they stick to almost anything and can be used for pricing, marketing, information, or product decoration. One of the most popular stickers in the world are zebra-striped barcodes (UPC labels) that appear on almost everything.

Stickers are one of the most affordable ways to market your brand, and a little creative thinking goes a long way toward helping your company stand out from the crowd. You can view some of our pressure sensitive sticker samples, or request more information or a free sticker quote.

I need Validation Stickers for my ID cards

We specialize in ID validation stickers for universities and colleges
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I'm just Interested in UPC Codes

What are UPC Codes?
Where do I get a UPC code?
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Sticker Marketing Tips

Sticker Tip #1: Use Clever Phrases

Most stickers are small, which means there's not much room to make your message and call to action clear. Unfortunately, some companies simply slap a logo and some text on their stickers and call it a day; however, they're missing the point of stickers as an effective marketing tool. Include a call to action, logo and contact information, such as a phone number or website URL, as part of your sticker headline. The simpler your sticker design, the better chance it has of grabbing attention, but don't overlook the marketing aspects of stickers.

Sticker Tip #2: Be Bold & Bright

Use bold and bright primary colors in your sticker design to make it grab attention and provide the proper contrast to be easily read - especially if it's a small sticker. Make sure your fonts are clean and use traditional, highly recognizable fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Impact and Calibri, among others; and make sure your fonts contrast enough with your background. Be careful not to be too gaudy - use a color wheel to pick your colors.

Sticker Tip #3: Don't be Square

Having your stickers die-cut is one of the best ways to look great. Try using a relevant shape. A cat sitter could have cat-shaped stickers, while a locksmith could use key-shaped stickers. You can be more subtle by going with rounded corners or using a circular shape rather than the traditional rectangle. If your logo has a specific shape, for example, you can make use of this with the die-cut option to create a strong association as recognizable as Nike's "swoosh", Apple's "apple" and Harley Davidson's "badge".

Sticker Tip #4: Don't Waste Your New Design

Don't waste a great sticker design on poor-quality printing. High-quality stickers add an air of credibility to your brand. At ATR Printing, we want you to be proud of the final product and only produce the highest-quality stickers.

Sticker Tip #5: Use it!

Clever sticker design isn't limited to how the sticker looks and feels. Make sure you keep in mind where the sticker will be used - find unique ways to increase brand recognition. For example, if hosting an event, offer to provide "Hello, my name is ..." stickers free of charge. You can then place your company logo and tagline on the sticker so that everyone who looks at the name tags will also see your company's branded images.

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