Property Identification Labels and Asset Tags - Available in Annodized Aluminum, Polyester, Destructive Vinyl, Void Tamper Evident, Stock Property ID Labels
Property Identification Labels

Property ID Labels are identification and asset labels that attach to your property (electronics, copiers, monitors, computers, printers, portable devices) to protect against loss and theft, and allow inventory tracking. ATR Printing can provide many types of Property ID labels, including serialized and bar-coded labels. Anodized Aluminum is the most popular option and offers long-term durability at a reasonable cost. Polyester and Paper ID labels are great options where flexibility and conductivity are a concern. For security applications, destructible vinyl labels are virtually impossible to remove in one piece, and void tamper-evident labels cannot be removed without leaving a mark behind
Which Type Is For You?

Anodized Aluminum ID Labels
Anodized Aluminum property ID labels are made from high quality aluminum with the colors and graphics permanently etched into the surface. Since the material is durable, it can be used indoors or out. If your labels are exposed to extreme environmental conditions (high temperature, direct sunlight, salt spray, cleaning solvents, abrasion), this is the material we recommend. It is made specifically for those conditions and will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life. Learn more about Anodized Aluminum property ID labels.
Polyester Property ID Labels
Polyester Property ID Labels are an attractive and affordable solution to your ID labeling needs. This material is flexible and non-conductive, ideal for irregular or curved surfaces. It has a protective laminate that shields graphics from moisture, solvents, oils, and chemicals. Polyester labels are good for outdoor applications up to 2 years and the permanent adhesive will adhere to a variety of surfaces. Learn more about polyester property labels.
Paper Property ID Labels
Paper Property ID Labels are made with a high quality paper that is laminated with a polyester topcoat to make the labels resistant to abrasion, smudging, and moisture. The permanent adhesive holds securely to most surfaces. Learn more about paper property labels.
Destructive Vinyl Property ID Labels
Destructive Vinyl ID Labels are a good choice where security is a consideration. This thin vinyl material is nearly impossible to remove once applied. It is backed with a strong acrylic adhesive and it flakes into pieces when removal is attempted. Destructible Vinyl is resistant to mild abrasion, but is best used in indoor applications. Learn more about destructive vinyl property labels.
Void Tamper Evident Property ID Labels
Void Tamper-Evident Property ID Labels are made of a polyester material with a strong acrylic adhesive. When the label is removed, the word "VOID" is left on both the surface of your application and on the label, preventing re-use of the tag. Learn more about void tamper evident ID labels.
Stock Property ID Labels
Stock Property ID Labels are perfect when you are in a hurry. Labels are supplied pre-serialized in sets of 100. Customize each label with your personalized message using a ballpoint pen or typewriter. Available in anodized aluminum, polyester, paper, void tamper-evident, and destructible vinyl materials. Learn more about stock property labels.
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