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Printed Labels

Printed labels can be just the thing your garment needs for care labels, or when woven labels are a bit too expensive for your item. ATR Printing is equipped to provide you with top quality fabric and apparel labels in a short period of time, and offer many different solutions to fit your needs.

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Below you can read about some of the materials and finishing options available for our printed labels.


Polyester Satin

Polyester Satin is a nice soft material, the best for printed labels. Ideal for children's clothing, baby blankets and lingerie. Durable in washing and colorfast.

Coated Polyester

Coated polyester is a middle-of-the-line material, with lower cost - good for care labels.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton material is great for use on items that are also 100% cotton. Comes in natural color or white.

Polyester Taffeta

Polyester Taffeta is similar to Polyester Satin, but with a Taffeta weave it's more rugged looking.

Tyvek / Remay

Ever try to tear a label, and it wouldn't tear? That was likely tyvek. Tyvek and Remay are inexpensive non-woven materials, good for mattress and legal labels. Comes in white.

Cotton Twill

Cotton Twill is similar to our 100% Cotton material, but with a unique herringbone pattern. Comes in natural or white.


Single CutLabels are cut separately with a "cold" knife. Works with coated materials such as Tyvek, Remay, and Coated Polyester.
Single Hot CutLabels are cut separately with a "hot" knife. This slightly melts the edges of the fabric, which prevents fraying. This method is used for Polyester Taffeta and Satins.

Loop FoldLabels are folded in the middle providing a nice quality look.

End FoldJust like it sounds. The left and right edges of the label are folded, which provides superior holding in the garment.

On RollsFor sewing systems.
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