Property Identification Labels and Asset Tags - Available in Annodized Aluminum, Polyester, Destructive Vinyl, Void Tamper Evident, Stock Property ID Labels
Stock Property ID Labels

Stock Property ID Labels are perfect when you are in a hurry. Labels are supplied pre-serialized in sets of 100. Customize each label with your personalized message using a ballpoint pen or typewriter. Available in anodized aluminum, polyester, paper, void tamper-evident, and destructible vinyl materials.


You can choose from 1 1/2 x 3/4" size or 2 x 3/4" size with serialized numbers or a double blank pad, If you are using serial numbers, please specify desired starting number when ordering; Starting numbers can be from 00000 to 10000 in increments of 10.

Color Options

Our stock Property ID Labels are available in any one of six colors and your choice of a variety of materials, including Anodized Aluminum and non-metalic.


Dark Blue

Light Blue




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