Custom Woven labels and Stock Woven Labels
Woven Labels

Woven Labels are the final touch - and yet, they are the first impression many have of your garment...

Woven clothing labels give a high-end impression to garments and prominently display your company name, logo and contact information. Our labels have excellent depth of detail, are luxurious to the touch and pleasing to the eye. We believe that your woven labels should match the craftsmanship and excellence of your item. Our woven labels will help you turn your project into a work of art - from start to finish.

You can read about designing your own custom woven label or view our stock woven labels for the most common requests.

Which Type is For You?

Custom Woven Labels
Custom Woven Labels have the design, fabric and finish of your choice. They take a bit longer to produce, but the wait is worth it. Learn more about our custom woven labels.
Stock Woven Labels
Stock Woven Labels are always available for quick delivery, featuring a wide variety of standard care, size and content labels for you to choose from. Learn more about our stock woven labels.
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